The Road to Red Restaurants List (2020)

The SHORT Pill:

An ordinary salesman lived a very stressful and boring life from Mondays to Fridays. But at the end of his shift every Friday night, he heads out to different places outside the city to destress while his wife and daughter go to concerts of their favorite idol group. Every weekend, the salaryman discovers delectable meals that are in danger of being extinct in the coming years.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Try to watch this drama in the early days of the week to help you plan for your next weekend getaway. You may also watch it before your next meal if you have no idea what to eat.

Prescribed For:

You should watch this drama if you are already tired from your daily grind. It is also a good show to watch if you are looking for travel and dining inspiration for the weekend.

Love And Romance:

There was a short romantic plot in the drama featuring a secondary character and his wife. But the overall theme of this TV series is focused on finding the best meals outside Tokyo.

Cast Chemistry:

The lead character was mostly alone in his adventures. But his interaction with supporting characters he met along the way were fun and engaging.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. You will look forward to the next featured food in every episode. Before you know it, you will finish the entire series in one day.


Original Network:

TV Tokyo

Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



A hardworking but socially awkward salaryman lived in a strict and repetitive routine all week. But he always looked forward to clocking out every Friday since it allowed him to be out in the city while his family go on their own adventure. His solo trips brought him to some of the most picturesque places outside the city. But aside from the views, the trips also help him discovery small local dining establishments that may be at risk of closing because of aging owners. This drama featured real local eateries and showcased the real owners at the end of every episode. It may help the restaurants remain operational if viewers will continue to patronize them because of the show.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The ML should have shown more enthusiasm when trying out the delectable meals. The other character who temporary took over the lead in one of the episodes showed more enticing reactions when tasting the meal.



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Exam Results:


A drama featuring the beauty of Japan and its yummy dishes is always worth the watch. It may also inspire you to do your own weekend adventure to find “endangered” meals in your location.

Side Effects:

You will be green with envy while watching this show. It will make you want to start looking forward to the weekend for a long drive outside the city.

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