The Emperor’s Cook (2015)

The SHORT Pill:

A simple but delectable dish inspired a young man from a rural area to learn more about cooking and become a chef. His journey was challenged by prejudice and discrimination, but his hard work pave the way for him to become the personal chef of the emperor.

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time can be an ideal time to watch this series. It will not only teach you how to cook yummy dishes but motivate you to reach for your goals despite the difficulties as well.

Prescribed For:

Newbies and veteran watchers will appreciate this TV series if they need the inspiration to succeed in life. The lead character, who happens to be a real person, deals with numerous difficulties that may discourage him to stop and forget about his dreams. But his hunger for learning turned his dreams into a reality.

Love And Romance:

The interactions between the FL and his wife are very sweet and endearing. Your heart will flutter with their cute and funny moments together.

Cast Chemistry:

Everyone looked great and performed well in this drama. The lead couple had amazing chemistry. All the characters will touch your heart and leave a remarkable spot in your life after watching the show.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. Aside from the food, the cute love story and quirky scenes will make you want to watch every episode in one sitting.


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The real-life story of Imperial Chef Tokuzo Akiyama was masterfully done in this drama. The lead actor managed to showcase all the nuances and quirks of the historical figure. Aside from showing impressive cooking skills, you will also know more about Akiyama’s family and loved ones who need to deal with different challenges. You will also love the amazing soundtrack of the show.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Some plot lines seemed redundant. Those fillers are not really necessary in the series.



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Exam Results:


The superb acting, impressive cinematography, and compelling story will keep you hooked throughout the show.

Side Effects:

You will feel extra hungry while watching the lead character learn the best dishes he will eventually serve the emperor.

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