Known for her vibrant, delightful, and adorable smile, Park Min Young has an infectious laugh, putting a positive vibe for the rest of the day! Beyond her alluring appearance, she has won over a growing number of devoted fans over the past few years with her acting prowess and high flexibility, not to mention her […]


There are certain actors who command the screen and can’t be missed! He is one of them. SO talented, and SO versatile, that he effortlessly embodies the essence of any character he portrays, this is our Ji Sung! And with age and experience, he creates even more complex and fascinating pieces of art, and “must-sees” […]


Although it’s hard to see this ‘baby-faced’ beauty as anything other than her beloved breakout character, Kim Mi Young, from the classic drama “Fated To Love You”, Na Ra has proven that she’s more than a one-trick-pony, and has an enigmatic ability to keep her fans rooting for her to win, no matter which character […]