Train to Busan’s remake continues to garner controversy, especially when they released the title. IGN reported that the title may be “Last Train to New York.”  Deadline reveals that seasoned director Timo Tjahjanto will direct the remake. The Indonesian director is famous for his works in the horror and action genres. Producer James Wan, famous for the Saw series, will also spearhead this project. 

Speculations on the remake occur, with people questioning the routes that the heroes might take to travel. In Train to Busan, the train ride from Seoul to Busan, a high-speed rail, is about three hours. The routes the protagonists might be traveling into will be Washington D.C. or Boston, approximately four hours in total. That is, if the remake is close to the original plot. 

There’s also the question of whether the remake’s protagonists would follow the original father-daughter duo. However, when the director and producer were revealed, people became intrigued, though most were still not warm to the idea of a foreign movie being remade. There are complaints on how dubbings and subtitles’ quality should be the priorities. 

The anticipation continues to grow as Train to Busan’s creator, Yeon Sang-Ho’s, latest project Hellbound is a massive success.