MNet’s Produce 101 continues to garner contempt due to the lack of permanence in the groups the show debuted. South Korean entertainment agency CJ ENM shows support for other groups’ possible reunions after the news of Wanna One’s upcoming reunion for this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). 

In a report by Dispatch, a CJ ENM representative said that they’re open to supporting other reunions for groups such as IOI and IZ*ONE. They believe that it is their agency’s responsibility to support these disbanded groups should they want to perform and regroup again. 

JTBC also reported Wanna One had other works for their reunion, aside from their MAMA performance. There’s no confirmation yet, but there are talks on albums and concerts. 

This positive news wasn’t appreciated as there are still talks on Produce 101‘s chart manipulation. Also, two of the program’s CP were recently released from prison. 

Wannable’s can enjoy Wanna One’s stage reunion in MAMA. Lai Kuanlin is the only member that won’t participate in the reunion. After three years, this is their first performance and if the rumors are true, it won’t be the last.