Park Shin Hye And Choi Tae Joon Expecting A Baby, Plan To Marry In January!!!

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Good news for the couple’s fans! 

Bride and mom-to-be Park Shin Hye [Instagram/ssinz7]

In separate statements, Park Shin Hye’s agency SALT Entertainment and Choi Tae Joon’s Santa Claus Entertainment confirmed that the couple is set to get married in Seoul on January 22, 2022. SALT Entertainment also stated that the actress is pregnant with their first child. 

The actors also wrote heartfelt letters and posted them on their fan cafes to personally share their happy news. 

In her letter, Park Shun Hye started by sharing that she found a copy of her contract with her first agency that she signed two decades ago. She recalled that she was in her sixth grade when she was discovered and started working as an actress during her sophomore year in middle school. She thanked the people who had been with her from the start of her career and expressed gratitude towards her fans. Then she broke the announcement about a sudden major change in her life, but she wanted to be the first one to tell her fans about it. 

“I am getting married to the person I have been seeing for a while now. He was my pillar of support for a long time, and he embraced the person Park Shin Hye with all of her lacking qualities, and so I am planning to start a life as someone’s partner in marriage,” the “Sisyphus: The Myth” actress wrote. “Furthermore, although I am hesitant to discuss this because it is still in its very early stages, while we began preparing for our marriage, a precious new life came to us,” she also added. 

The actress also promised to return as a good actress as soon as she can so her fans will not wait too long. 

Meanwhile, Choi Tae Joon mentioned in his letter that he is about to start a new life with Park Shin Hye, who he considered as the one who saved her life. “She is like a savior to me who taught me without words to smile brightly when I’m happy and to cry out loud when I’m sad. Now, we would like to make our marriage vows and let this love that I’m grateful for bear fruit,” he stated. 

The actor also mentioned that they were blessed with a baby as they prepare for the new chapter in their lives. “Now, I will show you my responsibility as a member of a family, and as actor Choi Tae Joon, I will greet you with acting that meets your expectations,” he also wrote. 

The actors started their relationship in late 2017, but they made their status official to the public in March 2018. 


The Korea Times 


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