The sorrowful story of Snowdrop can now be visualized with JTBC premiering a 30-second teaser of the main leads. In addition to that, Disney+ will stream the much-anticipated drama. Manila Bulletin reported that Disney+ will be available in South Korea for the monthly price of ₩9,900, or roughly $8.40. 

The sneak-peek shows fairytale-like themes such as snow globes, paper planes, and the sounds of bells. In comparison to the circulating background and timeline that the story is based on, the video is gentle and gives a romantic aura. The dialogue between the leads will make every Kdrama addict melt with excitement and envy. The line wherein Young Ro says, “I miss you. I wish I can see you just once more,” will hit you in the feels. 

The place is 1987 Seoul, where Im So Hoo, played by Jung Hae In, rushes into the female dormitory, stained with blood. Eun Young Ro, played by famous Blackpink vocalist Jisoo, helps him hide and takes care of his wounds despite the strict surveillance. The story goes from there and will break our hearts later on, for sure. 

People don’t need to wait further as Disney+ will be available in South Korea on November 12. In a press conference, the CEO explained that they plan to reach other parts of Southeast Asia by 2023. While you’re waiting for Snowdrop to premiere, you have other Korean variety shows and KDrama to binge on.