iQiyi’s Jirisan topped the charts, making the highest weekend debut in tv history. However, it is also drawing complaints about several reasons. This project was highly awaited because this is creative scriptwriter extraordinaire Kim Eun Hee’s comeback after Kingdom. Famous director Lee Eung-Bok is also the director for this series, and he’s famous for the Kdrama classic Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.  

Jirisan did exceed expectations. However, the littlest details, when excessively repeated, will irritate viewers. The product placements in Jirisan featured two brands that captured people’s attention from the stunning view of Jirisan National Park. The outdoor clothing brand Nepa is one of the main sponsors, but almost every scene that shows the forest rangers also highlight the brand. 

There’s also the scene of the famous sandwich franchise Eggdrop receiving highlights with the camera zooming in on the wrappers. Viewers find it doubtful that there’s a sandwich shop near the area. The Korea Times reported that some viewers even complained at how unrealistic these highlights are as a quick search shows that the nearest Eggdrop shop is 72 km away, in Jinju City, South Gyeongsang. 

A quick search on Youtube with the keywords “Jirisan” and “Eggdrop” will show you the series’ episode three trailer. 

As of this moment, the production team hasn’t responded to queries.