“Truth, Goodness and Beauty.” These are the words that iQiyi’s Chief Content Officer Wang Xiaohui told TMTPost, as South China Morning Post reported when he discussed why Squid Game wouldn’t get a Chinese Adaptation. Netflix’s Squid Game, without a doubt, is a megahit series, becoming #1 in over 90 countries and bringing Korean games and culture into the international spotlight. However, the show’s premise twisted these children’s games into a deadly contest. For iQiyi’s executive, this goes against their country’s mainstream values. 

When asked to elaborate, the executive stated that the show reflects on the dark side of human nature. Definitely, it would not be produced in China. As for the question of redistribution, Chinese citizens already watched Squid Game through pirated copies and illegal streaming sites. Hence, the pool of consumers will be limited. 

There’s also the topic of censorship that Squid Game will likely face. Hence, the executive stated that in the end, they must follow the ideology and social trends, including the enthusiasm and unity of their country.