HYBE‘s 2021 briefing dropped several bombshells to ARMYs, MOAs, and ENGENEs. Streamed via YouTube, BigHit Entertainment’s favorite Chairman Bang Si Hyuk announced the original content to arrive next year. 

HYBE collaborated with NAVER, digital webcomics WEBTOON, and digital story platform WATTPAD. With the theme “BOUNDLESS,” HYBE shows once again how they’re not scared of dabbling into other forms of art. BTS is famous for the amazing storytelling skills that they compact through their lyrics. On January 14, 2021, fans will see unrestrained and raw storytelling through HYBE’s first original story: 7Fates: CHAKHO. 

7Fates: CHAKHO is a collaboration with BTS inspired by the “Chakhogapsa” tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. This story re-imagines the tales of tigers and Korea’s rich mythology on wild beasts. 

ENHYPEN’s DARK MOON is a mix of urban fantasy and teen romance. It will be a series with DARK MOON: The Blood Altar being the first of the series. Last but not least, TOMORROW X TOGETHER came up with THE STARK SEEKERS. The story’s premise is of young men in a pop band living in a world where magic is normal. The plot states that the group members will have their magical abilities awaken. This story will be of imaginary creatures, magic, and of course, the life of an idol. 

HYBE created an account on both platforms. However, they later deleted their account on Wattpad. This incident prompted ARMYs to make fun of their fandom writers, who are now sweating as they feel like their books are being read by HYBE employees and maybe even BTS themselves. 

HYBE has many exciting plans, and fans can expect that even with the rumors of BTS entering the military soon, they wouldn’t run out of any sources of entertainment. 

As for ENGENEs and MOAs, this is only the start, and they can be at ease that HYBE will always come up with ways to satisfy the fandom’s need for their idols. 


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