The season finale of Yumi’s Cells truly surprised viewers. Despite its premise with the “cells” representing different emotions, the show is comparatively realistic to its current competitions. That is why it is not a surprise that the series finale’s ratings rose, reaching 91% on AsianWiki and 9.8 on iQiyi

Considering the main demographic of Yumi’s cells are within the age of 20-45, it makes sense that this show is well received. The presence of pragmatism also makes it relatable, and it doesn’t have the usual KDrama tropes that would remove the meaning of each character’s development in the end. 

*Spoiler Alert!

Viewers were pleasantly surprised with the ending. There was no magical twist that would make it a happily ever after. Instead, the main characters, Kim Yumi (played by Kim Go Eun) and Koo Woong (role by Ahn Bo-Hyun), faced their incompatibility.

There were several scenarios that viewers debated. There’s the issue between the leads’ problems with expressing themselves. Another problem that viewers noticed is that Yumi often kept to herself. But Yumi’s actions are understandable when you look at it from an angle of a woman who learned her lesson. She is reinforcing her boundaries, and Woong also failed to be honest. For them to admit where they’ve gone wrong, against the “I don’t care if you’re like this, I love you anyway” and “against all odds” tropes, deviates from your usual Kdrama. 

Yumi’s Cells ending did feel abrupt to some viewers. However, they can rejoice as the show is confirmed to be multiseason.