Fans Get More Excited About Choi Woo Shik And Kim Da Mi’s New Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’

The Tea is Hot! The News is Cool. And the DRAMA is Oh So Juicy!!!

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The actors’ reunion project generated more interest from KDrama lovers. 

Three years after the actors worked together in the movie “The Witch,” actors Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi reunite for the upcoming drama “Our Beloved Summer,” and fans cannot help but feel extra excited to see the pair on the small screen after watching the teaser.

SBS released the second promotional clip for the soon-to-be-released drama. It showed a sneak peek of the love story between the actors’ characters. 

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In the sneak peek, Kim Da Mi’s character Gook Yeon Soo and Choi Woo Shik’s role Choi Woong was seen playfully spatting as a cite high school couple. Viewers can hear Yeon Soo’s voice, asking Choi Woong “What do we do if we actually break up?” The guy’s reply pleads for her not to leave him. 

But as the trailer progresses, fans can assume that the couple broke up and accidentally met each other again at a party after a few years. Yeon Soo told someone that she recently saw Choi Woong and believes that he is currently living a successful life even if she has no idea how he is. 

Another scene showed the former lovers attempting to avoid each other as Choi Wook left a taxi cab that Yeon Soo was about to board. She was also heard saying “I didn’t think I would ever get involved with you again,” but turned up at Choi Woong’s door in the final scene. 

After the release of the teaser, plenty of netizens posted on an online community to share their excitement regarding the drama. Some commented that they love the overall ambiance of the drama, while others claimed that finally have something to look forward to. 

“Our Beloved Summer” revolves around the story of a couple who had no choice but to face each other again after losing contact with each other due to their breakup ten years ago. Their relationship failed when the documentary that they created back in high school suddenly turned viral. The new drama will be directed by “Its Okay Not To Be Okay” producer Kim Yoon Jin. The script was written by “Falling In Love” writer Lee Na-eun. 

The drama also stars Kim Sung Cheol as documentary director Kim Ji-woong and Roh Jeong top idol En Je-i/NJ.

SBS will release “Our Beloved Summer” on December 6. 




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