Actor Nam Da Reum Writes Heartfelt Letter To Announce Military Enlistment

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Young actor Nam Da Reum revealed that he is scheduled to enlist in the military next week. 

The former child actor made the announcement by posting a heartfelt note for all his fans on his social networking account on Tuesday, February 1. 

According to his post addressed to the members of his fandom called Uniques, he plans to sign up for the military on February 8. 

He also apologized for not making the announcement sooner, since he needed to confirm the date first. He also mentioned that it was always his dream to serve the military at a young age. 

The full text of Nam Da Reum’s letter reads: 

Hello. This is Nam Da Reum. 

Are you enjoying your Lunar New Year holiday? I hope all our Unique (fandom name) members have a happy new year, and spend a healthy year in 2022. 

I wrote this because there was news that I wanted to relay directly to you all. One week later, on February 8, 2022, I am scheduled to enlist in the military. I had apologetic feelings toward Unique members because I couldn’t tell you in advance, as I was quietly preparing after the date was confirmed. But I am relaying the news here because I wanted to let Unique members hear the news first.

Ever since I was young, it was my goal to enlist in the military early. I couldn’t go [to the army] when I was 20 years old, but I think it’s a good thing that I am able to at least go at age 21. After I return, I will show you even better sides of myself as an adult, and as an actor. Unique members, please be careful of your health. I will return as a more mature person.

Thank you.

The actor became popular for portraying the young versions of lead characters in a number of high-rating Korean dramas. Some of his most notable characters include young Yoo Ji-hoo in 2009’s “Boys Over Flowers,” young Jung Jae-chan in 2017’s “While You Were Sleeping,” and young Han Ji-pyeong in 2020’s “Start-Up.” He was last seen in tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” as the Young Prince. 


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