Kim Soo Hyun’s long-awaited drama One Ordinary Day released another teaser. Coupang Play’s original series revealed stills of the actor’s character, Kim Hyun Soo, a college student whose life was overturned after becoming a prime suspect in a murder case. 

The scenes are not set in chronological order. Hence, we’ll see Kim Hyun Soo running out of the house, saying he ran out of there due to fear. There’s a scene where a lady asks him to be her boyfriend. There’s also the scene of the lawyer, played by Cha Seung Won, who instructs him to answer “I don’t know” to every question and tell them to talk to his lawyer. However, an elder, presumably his father, tells him that it’s not good not to remember.  

While it is a standard instruction to tell police officers to talk to lawyers when under interrogation, the scene where Cha Seung Won laughs maniacally will make you doubt his intentions. 

The trailer shows contrasts of emotions, both in highs and lows, and garnered quite a buzz as fans anticipate the drama. One Ordinary Day will premiere on November 27 on streaming platform Viu. In the meantime, watch the latest teaser trailer below.