JTBC is coming for the feels right now, and Idol: The Coup is no exception. Starring EXID’s Hani, Han Si Eun, and Kwak Si Yang, the emotionally-packed trailer didn’t waste time in making viewers see their idols in tears. 

The gist of the story is the two sides of a kpop idol’s life: a starstudded career and a barely surviving one. For Cotton Candy, the one-hit-wonder trying to pull through when their careers are deemed a failure. Their side shows torment and loss in living a broken dream. 

Meanwhile, their labelmate Mars is steadily rising to the top. The boy group receives recognition, but the trailer shows how the leader bears responsibilities hidden behind cameras. In the trailer, the tense exchange between the fictional CEO of Starpeace Entertainment and the leader serves as a nerve-wracking experience that would definitely encourage people to give it a watch. 

As Cotton Candy goes through lengths to achieve success, the other band shows the life of those who are at the top. IDOL: The Coup premieres on November 8, 11 pm KST.