Million Yen Women (2017)

The SHORT Pill:

A 30-year-old sad and unpopular novelist lives alone in a big house. One day, five mysterious women suddenly arrived at his house and claimed that they received an invitation to live there in exchange for paying ¥1 million rent every month. The novelist managed to live with the women peacefully. One day, an incident changed the dynamics inside the home.

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Best Time To Watch:

This riveting drama is the best watch in the evening when the kids are already in bed. It contains plenty of mature topics not suitable for children, so make sure that they are not in the room if you want to watch it.

Prescribed For:

Newbies and veteran watches who are interested in suspense and investigative dramas. It is also a good choice for those who read the manga.

Love And Romance:

This drama is not focused on romance. So if you are expecting one of the girls to fall in love with the novelist, you may be disappointed.

Cast Chemistry:

The entire cast gave justice to their roles. Everyone made their characters remarkable. Their acting gave depth to the overall story.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. You will never let the day end without watching the entire series because of its mystifying plot.


Original Network:

TV Tokyo

Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



If you are looking for a drama with a stellar plot, interesting characters, and intriguing history, then this drama is the best one for you. It has a slow burn plot, but once the story gradually builds up and matches the personality of the ML. You will be intrigued with the dynamics between the ML and all the women who suddenly showed up in his home. But the incidents leading to the major plot twist will make you look for clues to understand how things happened. It will definitely leave you with a lasting impression.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The music featured in this drama is not exactly at par with the quality of the story. Some of the background sounds can be anti-climactic.



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Exam Results:


If you want a mystery drama that slowly and strategically unravels the plot twists, then this one is the best show for you. The complexity of the characters and the overall story makes it extremely unforgettable.

Side Effects:

You will find yourself in a daze while thinking about how the incidents take place. It will also require you to boost your investigative skills if you want to find clues about the main conflict.

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A cheerful and hardworking but abused female cook decided to leave the restaurant she works for because of her treacherous boyfriend. She decided to open her own restaurant, together with women with their own problems. While struggling to keep the restaurant afloat, the cook discovered that her ex-boyfriend opened a restaurant right across her establishment. Can the all-female-run restaurant beat the competitor?

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Short Pill: When a woman who changes appearance once a month, and a man with facial blindness partner up, what can go wrong? Or who can see past the outward skin to see the beauty changing within?

Short Pill: A freelance surgeon became notorious for working on complicated cases in various hospitals. She caused plenty of controversies because of how she handled her surgeries and her refusal to comply with all the orders of the higher-ups.

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