Midnight Diner (2009)

The SHORT Pill:

A tiny restaurant on the edge of Tokyo’s shopping district only opens after midnight. While the single-dish menu changes every day, patrons continue to flock to the diner due to the lively interactions with the other customers, as well as the chef’s willingness to cook whatever they request.

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time can be a great time to watch this food-centric drama. But you may want to avoid watching it late at night if you want to avoid strong hunger pangs before bed.

Prescribed For:

Anyone who loves food. It is also best for newbies and veteran drama watchers who enjoy watching drama anthologies with different stories, all connected with a special recipe for the day.

Love And Romance:

There are some sweet anecdotes about love in some of the episodes. But the overall plot of the drama is not focused on romantic storylines.

Cast Chemistry:

Everyone performed well in portraying their characters. Even the guest stars made the series more interesting.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. Every episode is unique. The stories offer valuable lessons you can apply in your daily life.


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This brilliantly created drama managed to creatively tackle serious social issues in a heartwarming manner. The main character in this story is called “The Master,” the owner, bartender, and chef of the 12-seater izakaya located in one of the busiest districts in Tokyo. Every episode focused on different customers, then impart a life lesson to wrap up the story. It also highlights a special Japanese dish that the featured customer requested.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Some episodes can be repetitive. It may begin to bore you if you binge-watch it in one day.



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Exam Results:


Japanese food fans will enjoy this touching drama because of the rich and colorful stories surrounding the featured dish in every episode. Your heart will melt with every heartwarming story unraveling after midnight.

Side Effects:

Expect to feel extra hungry while watching this series. You may want to keep the number of sushi takeaways nearby to curb your cravings.

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