Izakaya Bottakuri (2018)

The SHORT Pill:

A small bar called Bottakuri can be found in a quiet area in Tokyo. Despite its unpleasant name, patrons regularly visit the bar for the sumptuous food and drinks prepared by orphaned sisters.

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Best Time To Watch:

You can watch this food-centric drama any time. But if you want to whet your appetite or looking for meal inspirations, then watch it before lunch or dinner.

Prescribed For:

Food enthusiasts who want to know the secret in making delectable Japanese food. Newbies and veterans will also learn more about the best alcohol paring for some of the best traditional Japanese dishes.

Love And Romance:

There was a slight sweet scene between the FL and one of the izakaya’s guests. But their story did not push through in the succeeding episodes.

Cast Chemistry:

The cast members did a great job in acting like real family. They also made the food look more appetizing.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. The short episodes will entice you to finish the entire series in one day.


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Two young women took over the operation of the small izakaya left by the late parents. Locals from their neighborhood often visit the bar despite it obnoxious name because of the unbeatable food, impressive alcohol selection, and the great company. It also included cooking tips and alcohol pairing guide at the end of the episode to help you prepare the food featured in the show.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The show ended abruptly. It could have been better if there are more episodes for character development.



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Exam Results:


This short and simple drama highlighted a local community’s bond due to their collective love for food. Each scene will warm your heart.

Side Effects:

Like most food-based dramas, this TV series will make you crave for homey, delectable food and good company. It may also make you want to head over to your favorite Japanese bar and order some of the featured food.

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