Hana Yori Dango (2005)

The SHORT Pill:

Imagine being the only poor student in a high school for the ultra rich and famous, and that school is ruled by the almighty F4. How can a poor girl survive all the threats and bullying from everyone around her as a result of standing up against the most powerful, and handsomest, group of boys in high school?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

This classic drama is best watched anytime, especially if you want something sweet and romantic. You will be in for some laugh and other swoon-worthy moments.

Prescribed For:

Any drama fans who enjoy watching the classics. It is also the best prescription for those who love a good love-hate story that eventually blooms into something more romantic.

Love And Romance:

This drama is oozing with plenty of romantic and heart-fluttering scenes. The initial hatred felt by the lead couple for each other surprisingly looked cute on screen. It also has plenty of heartfelt scenes with the secondary ML.

Cast Chemistry:

The guys who portrayed the roles of the F4 look powerful and amazing on-screen. The FL and the supporting characters also stepped up and made their roles more interesting.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. You will be engrossed with the love story between the poor girl and the rich yet arrogant boy in this story. Despite their earlier interactions, you will continuously root for them to beat all the odds and end up together.


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This drama paved the way for the creation of other timeless Asian dramas everyone loved. Based on a popular Japanese manga, this story will bring you to the world of the rich and famous – high school edition. Four boys, heirs to some of the biggest conglomerates in the country, rule over the school. Everyone who crosses their paths will be marked with a red notice, which will start the never-ending torture and bullying until that person decides to quit school. But when a poor yet tough female received the red notice, she tried to fight the bullying and challenged the boys. The leader of the F4 was initially irked with her, but attraction eventually took over. However, the girl has a longtime crush on the quietest member of the group. You can expect to see lots of cute, teenage love story with a touch of “you and me against the world” plot.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The bullying and violence against the weak, especially the girls, can trigger some viewers. Proceed with caution if you are sensitive to this topic.



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Exam Results:


It is one of the best manga-to-live action adaptation ever produced on TV. It even brought numerous remakes from different part of Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Thailand.

Side Effects:

You would feel a roller coaster of emotions when watching this drama. Expect to feel mad, sad, giddy, and in love with each scene featuring the lead couple.

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