Doctor X (2012)

The SHORT Pill:

A freelance surgeon became notorious for working on complicated cases in various hospitals. She caused plenty of controversies because of how she handled her surgeries and her refusal to comply with all the orders of the higher-ups.

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time can be an ideal time to watch this drama. It can also be great entertainment if you want to watch something funny and thought-provoking at the end of the day.

Prescribed For:

All watchers who are interested in the medical field. You will enjoy watching the FL deal with cases that other doctors find too complicated to deal with.

Love And Romance:

The story is not focused on any romance or love lines. But the FL’s love for her craft is very obvious in every episode.

Cast Chemistry:

The stellar group of actors featured in this drama did an amazing job in portraying their roles. Everyone gave life to their characters, including all the supporting cast members.

Addiction Level:

Every episode is thrilling and informative. You will want to finish it in one day.


Original Network:

TV Asahi

Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



You will understand the politics of healthcare more after watching this medical drama. It will open your eyes to the numerous paperwork, loopholes, and bureaucracy in the medical setting. It also featured a powerful yet charismatic female doctor who only follows her rules and refuses to do anything without a proper medical license. Also, the no-nonsense lead sets the tone of this interesting show.
Hard Pill to Swallow
It could have been a better drama if it featured an unforgettable soundtrack to improve the mood of the episodes.



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Exam Results:


The intriguing yet charming lead character makes this drama a delight to watch. It will also make you appreciate your doctor more after learning about their struggles in the healthcare system.

Side Effects:

You will learn a lot about illnesses and health conditions just by watching the episodes. But try not to self-diagnose if you find symptoms similar to yours.

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