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Maybe it’s the lips or the innocent gaze. Maybe it’s the stance when his eyes look your way. Whatever magic charm Kim Soo Hyun uses to get his fish to the bait- chances are you’re hooked in every way! He’s the best of the best, in a class of his own, and honored as the highest paid in the game, our Oppa just can’t lose! Kim Soo Hyun has maintained his exploding worldwide popularity as his dramas viewership numbers reach heights unknown, such as “Dream High,” “Moon Embracing the Sun,” “My Love from the Stars,” and “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.” It is impossible to compare him to other actors because he is beyond compare! You probably had no idea such a perfect man existed until you saw his films and dramas. He’s capable of playing any role, from sweet and shy, to goofy and dark. Nothing else can be said about him except that he is perfect! To all Korean drama newbies, just look for the name “Kim Soo Hyun” and prepare to be captivated by his undeniable charisma!

Birthday : 02-16-1988

Gender : Male

Country : South Korea

Month : February

Star : Aquarius

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