Atelier (2015)

The SHORT Pill:

Straight out of college after majoring in textile, a hopeful fashion designer wannabe moved to Tokyo to follow her dreams and create new types of fabrics. But instead of getting her dream job, she ended up working in a handmade luxury underwear boutique called Emotion under the iconic lingerie designer who wants her to change her personality to suit their brand.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Any time is the best time to catch an episode of this business drama. You will learn more about following your dreams despite all the setbacks.

Prescribed For:

All drama watchers who need a reminder about following their dreams. Newbies will be motivated to strive harder to advance in their careers, while veterans will enjoy the unique relationship between the female leads.

Love And Romance:

There is no romantic love in this TV series, but the unique bond of the FLs will keep you hooked in the story.

Cast Chemistry:

The acting of all the cast members made this show stand out against the other dramas with the same genre. Both FLs will impress you with their unique approach in portraying their characters.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. You will want to younger FL to succeed in her career, which is why you would want to finish watching the episodes.


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You may find the characters of this drama highly relatable, especially if you are still finding your way into your desired career. The younger FL, who has a strong desire to succeed in creating new types of fabrics, ended up in a different field of fashion. Working for one of the most legendary women in the lingerie industry slows her down from reaching her dreams. But despite their differences, they managed to find a way to respect each other and work harmoniously for their lingerie shop.
Hard Pill to Swallow
There are several unnecessary drama and slight hints of romantic plots that are not exactly needed in the show. It only made some of the episodes dragging.



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Exam Results:


If you are interested in a female-led drama that can stand out without exaggerated plot lines like evil villains or knights in shiny armor, then you will enjoy this show. You will also learn a lot about life in every episode.

Side Effects:

You will begin to question your fashion sense at work after watching this drama. So expect to find yourself in a major shopping spree.

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A cheerful and hardworking but abused female cook decided to leave the restaurant she works for because of her treacherous boyfriend. She decided to open her own restaurant, together with women with their own problems. While struggling to keep the restaurant afloat, the cook discovered that her ex-boyfriend opened a restaurant right across her establishment. Can the all-female-run restaurant beat the competitor?

The life of a cheerful and outgoing 14-year-old high school girl suddenly turns upside down when she became pregnant. Her 15-year-old boyfriend has mixed feelings about the baby, and everything around her seem to work against her. But her love for her unborn child keeps her going and inspires her to fight for their lives.

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Short Pill: When jealousy rears its ugly head, no one is safe, not even from a brother who wants what you've worked so hard for. Envy and praise doesn't come cheap and is sometimes it's stolen... or worse.

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