Asuka High School March (2011)

The SHORT Pill:

After failing the entrance exam test for her dream high school, a female freshman had to enroll in a technical high school to continue her education. But after finding out that all her classmates are boys, she started questioning her decision. Will she survive the rugged and testosterone-filled environment?

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Best Time To Watch:

It can be a good stress-reliever after a long day. Watch it at night if you love simple, uncomplicated stories before bed.

Prescribed For:

Any drama watchers who prefer watching cute, simple stories compared to complicated dramas with too many conflicts. It is also the best prescription for newbies and veteran watchers who miss their high school adventures.

Love And Romance:

There was a slight romance in the plot, but you will barely notice it because of the other plotlines.

Cast Chemistry:

Everyone performed well in this drama. But the lead character and her grandfather stood out among all the cast members.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. This manga-adapted drama has lots of fun and memorable scenes. You would love to finish it in one day.


Original Network:

TV Asahi

Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



A high school freshman had to settle enrolling in a technical high school after failing the entrance exam for her dream school. But the catch, the majority of the students were boys and only three of them were girls. She had a hard time fitting in and doing all the dirty and challenging school works. But when her male classmates started helping her and cheering her on, she started to realize that she was actually enjoying her new school. You will notice how everyone tried to help her out and make her feel comfortable in school. If you need more convincing to watch this drama, you only need to look at the FL’s cute classmates and you’re all set.
Hard Pill to Swallow
While this drama is highly entertaining, the plot can be considered generic and very predictable.



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Exam Results:


High school dramas are very entertaining. You will also learn plenty of life lessons in every episode.

Side Effects:

You would want to go back to high school if you will be surrounded with cute classmates like the FL.

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