A Restaurant With Many Problems (2015)

The SHORT Pill:

Mondai No Aru Restaurant: A cheerful and hardworking but abused female cook decided to leave the restaurant she works for because of her treacherous boyfriend. She decided to open her own restaurant, together with women with their own problems. While struggling to keep the restaurant afloat, the cook discovered that her ex-boyfriend opened a restaurant right across her establishment. Can the all-female-run restaurant beat the competitor?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

This drama is best watched at the end of the day, just after you experience several struggles at work. It will inspire you to continue fighting for what is right, despite the injustices in your workplace.

Prescribed For:

All women who experienced double standards from society. It is also a good eye-opener for both newbies and veteran drama watchers about respecting everyone, no matter what their gender is.

Love And Romance:

This drama focused more on friendship and struggles to feel validated by society instead of romance.

Cast Chemistry:

Every member of the cast contributed impeccable talents in portraying their characters. All the girls working for the restaurant showcased powerful moments throughout the drama.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. The drama has compact episodes. You will enjoy watching it in one day.


Original Network:

Fuji TV

Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



Misogyny is typical in most industries, but this drama showed a version of the restaurant business. The FL, who has a lot of potentials to become an asset in the restaurant she works for, deals with sexist remarks and other abuses on a daily basis. When she experienced betrayal from the restaurant, she and other females who also deal with different challenges opened their own dining establishment. Despite the increasing challenges brought by the men who want them to fail, these women worked extra hard to prove that they can succeed in business and in life.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The drama has a great plot, but ten episodes are not enough to for a more in-depth explanation.



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Exam Results:


It is always refreshing to see women fighting for their rights and their place in society in a drama. You would want to root for all the female characters to rise up from their challenges.

Side Effects:

The food prepared by the characters will make you crave in the middle of the night. So prepare to order food to satisfy your anger.

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