A Day-Off of Kasumi Arimura (2020)

The SHORT Pill:

Popular actress Kasumi Arimura has a very hectic schedule. So when she got an unexpected break from filming, she immediately went back to their family home to visit her mother. Her short trip also unveiled unexpected surprises.

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Best Time To Watch:

You can spend an entire afternoon watching this show for some heartwarming slice-of-life drama. It will keep you entertained during a slow and quiet time in your schedule.

Prescribed For:

Fans of actress Kasumi Arimura will absolutely love her for her fictional portrayal of herself. It is also ideal for newbies and veteran watchers who love to watch a moving family drama.

Love And Romance:

This drama is more about the love for the family than romantic love. The FL’s relationship with her mother was strongly highlighted at the plot’s beginning.

Cast Chemistry:

Aside from the exceptional performance from the FL, the supporting cast members also portrayed their roles perfectly in this drama. You will feel that they are really related to each other.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. This short web series can be an entertaining option to watch during your free time.


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Disney+ Hotstar

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Famous Japanese actress Kasumi Arimura played a challenging role as herself in an eight-episode drama. The fictional story followed her adventures during her unexpected free day when one of her cast mates got sick and the scheduled shooting day got canceled. She decided to visit her mother during her day off, but she was shocked when she saw her half-brother at home and doting on her mother. This series was helmed by multiple directors, which is why every episode is different.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Since there are different treatments in every episode, some have a weaker plot than the others. You may episodes 5 and 6 less interesting than the other installments.



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Exam Results:


Seeing what a very popular actress plan to do during her free time can be entertaining. It will help you understand how she normally acts whenever she comes home to her family.

Side Effects:

Expect your heart to melt, especially when the FL noticed that her mother had an abrupt change whenever her half-brother, the son of her late father, comes around.

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Short Pill: Full Review Coming Soon!

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