14-Year-Old Mother (2006)

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14-sai No Haha: The life of a cheerful and outgoing 14-year-old high school girl suddenly turns upside down when she became pregnant. Her 15-year-old boyfriend has mixed feelings about the baby, and everything around her seem to work against her. But her love for her unborn child keeps her going and inspires her to fight for their lives.

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Best Time To Watch:

This inspiring drama is best watched from mid-day up to late at night. You may also binge-watch it all day if you want to appreciate a heart-warming story.

Prescribed For:

Any person who is going through major life changes at the moment will learn a lot from this drama. Newbies and veteran watchers will also enjoy this show for its unique and refreshing theme.

Love And Romance:

The young love experienced by the lead characters will inspire all kinds of couples, even the older ones. Their dedication to each other is very obvious, even if they faced a lot of hurdles in their relationship.

Cast Chemistry:

The actors in this drama were the perfect cast. Even the adult characters made the story more powerful.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. Rooting for the teenage mother’s success would lead you to watch this drama up to the very end.


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The 14-year-old schoolgirl is known by her family and friends as a cheerful and enthusiastic young lady. She started a romantic relationship with a boy who is one year older. Since they were still young, they had to keep their relationship from their parents a secret. However, things became complicated when she got pregnant. Her parents was initially furious because of the situation, so they ordered her to abort the baby. The boy’s mother was also mad about the situation and want to get rid of the unborn child. The boy was also unsure about what to do with the baby, especially since he wants to excel academically to get into a good university. But the girl wanted to continue her pregnancy despite all the odds. Eventually, her decision to continue the pregnancy prevailed.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Some plot lines look repetitive. It would have been better if more character developments were added to the story.



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Exam Results:


This drama will melt your heart. While society still condones teenage pregnancy, especially for those as young as the FL, you will still feel motivated after watching her survive all the challenges.

Side Effects:

Expect to cry buckets of tears while watching each episode. So be prepared to have a pair of puffy eyes after the show.

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Short Pill: Full Review Coming Soon!

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